Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 2- 6 The Low, The High, The Roadblock and The Success

What a crazy week this one has been!

Wednesday, day 3, definitely had the highest of highs and lowest of lows!!

The Low
First up! A 1.1 kilo GAIN on my first weigh in.... A GAIN???! Devestated, gutted but gave myself a pep talk and got over it. Focus on the rest of the day and the rest of the week. Posted it on the forums that it might help those disheartened by any gains or small losses.

Another couple of hours later in the car, the tears and recriminations started. "Look at everyone else's success. I'm just going to fail at this again.." Waah, waah, waah. About half way in to this thought spiral - I gave myself a mental slap! CONSISTENCY - stay consistent and it will come - just like it has for everyone else. Even better I can still make my goal of losing 20 kilos - with CONSISTENCY. So since then, I have had my best eating week ever and I have exercised every day!

The High

What could be any higher for a 12wbter than meeting MISH!!!! As soon as I heard that Mish was speaking in Wollongong (an hour's drive North from me!) I KNEW I had to go. How could I not with her so tantalisingly close! And it was so worth it! Not just for the opportunity to quickly speak to Mish but also to be able to meet Leigh and Libby!! It was so lovely to meet them and Mish's talk was just lovely and emotional and perfect. Drilling home some of those things we learn the 12WBT! And most importantly, I didn't leave without that all important #photowithMish ;) I drove home on Cloud nine!

The Road Block

This one hit home to me on Day 5 as I confronted doing the 1km run. I squirmed and I wormed and delayed. Running is a huge mental road block for me.

It goes back to my Air Force days, a couple of miserable years in my life and THE 2.4km run. As soon as I think about running a big fat FAILURE sign flashes up in my head. It's all I can do to get myself to walk out the door. So ignoring all those negative thoughts I got out there and did my 1km run (Same as end of Rd2 7 minutes 5 seconds later...). My mind was screaming at me the whole way "you can't do this" - don't really know how much of it I ran or how much I walked but I don't really care. The important thing to me was that I ran some of it and I did it. Which brings me to.....

The Success

After much (and I mean much) faffing around, I talked myself in to doing the C25K. As I am an "intermediate", I decided to break myself in by doing Week 2 (90sec running/2 min walking intervals seemed as doable as anything). The result: I did it! (The title prob gave it away..) Honestly, I thought flying to the moon was just as possible as me being able to do this but there you go. I have discovered my mind is strong enough to defeat my limiting self-beliefs. :)

So a big week with one more day to go. I feel tomorrow will be another high as I meet up with some fellow 12wbters and go for a bit of a walk! WOOHOO!! Can't wait.


  1. Sounds like you had a tremendous end to the week! Well done and good on you for running. I also have a blockage about running - can walk for ages but running - yech. I will follow your lead I think and give it another try!


  2. Well done on getting the run done and for committing to the C25K. I so wish I could run but won't risk my heal spurs acting up again.


  3. Thanks Kelli - it did feel like a tremendous effort that's for sure!! Do try the C25K - so many people I know have said it is what has gotten them running and they regularly do 10km or more! ;) Hard to imagine ever liking running - but who knows!!

    Libby - thanks! It's funny, I avoid fast walking because I associate that with shin splints! I have never had a problem running (Even with shin splints) it's the walking every time!! Bit worried about Sunday morning - see how we go!! :)

  4. Hey LanB.. well done with sticking to the program and not giving in.
    I'm so scared of running but after reading your blog, I'm going to start the C25K first thing in the morning...... Keep up the good work