Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 1 - The Art of JFDI

So day 1 - I should be pumped! Ready to kick it - right???

I sure was! For the first half of the day anyway; then it began to drag. I felt like I was never going to get to my boxing class and by the time it came around I had argued with my other half and I just wanted to lock myself away and cry.

Then I realised I had splattered pumpkin soup all over my work out top - nothing else to change in to so I got out the wet cloth and fixed that.

Then I couldn't find my heart rate monitor and still all I wanted to do was cry. I kept telling myself just get in the car and go for a drive. Make yourself feel better.

Also there a couple of skinny minnie young girls (prob 18-20) in the boxing class who like to stare at me and giggle behind their hands at me. (This is not just paranoia but I have chosen to ignore them.) The last thing I wanted to do was burst in to tears while exercising in front of them.

So I had every reason "in my mind" not to go. I walked out the door with everything I needed to go to the gym while thinking in my head I am just going to go for a drive, maybe get a coffee and take some time out for me.

But somehow I couldn't drive past the gym, I found myself in the car park and still dragging my feet - I walked in. Encouragingly, there were some brand new people there that I was able to encourage and I made the effort to chat with an older lady there. My heart was still not in it. I still wanted to walk away.. but I didn't.

I worked #@*& hard! I burnt 713 Calories in just under an hour and when I noticed the girls having their usual giggle I just worked harder.

NOBODY OR ANYTHING is going to stop me from getting to where I want to be. I will not let my emotions get in the way, I will not let other people's attitudes get in the way and I will not give up.

I have a size 16 t-shirt waiting for me with Never, ever, ever give up on it - and that is what I'll be doing!! I won't be wearing it for long though, because I'll be reaching for the Size 14 top next!!


  1. Woot you go girl your amazing and love you for your determination

  2. LOL! Thanks Cassie, hon! How are you doing?

  3. Good for you for getting it done. It's so easy to put something off when things go wrong, esp. if it's something you're not feeling like doing anyway. So sorry to hear you've got to deal with stupid girls in your class. I'm lucky that the classes I go to are during MUM time :-).


  4. wooo! you rock. Hopefully the girls arent laughing at you (my friends and I are 20-25 and when we giggle at classes its not at other people but at ourselves and our own uncorordination). I love Lorna Jane shirts as well xo

  5. Thanks Shells! I did initially pass it off as laughing at themselves but it seems pretty pointed! Can't wait to be a size where I can cute workout t-shirts!!!

  6. Fantastic! What a smashing workout and you must be so proud of yourself. Well done..

    Have a great week and keep up that effort.

  7. Wow, great post! You do sound like a determined lady! Looking forward to following your journey. Best of luck for the next 12 weeks! You sure did JFDI!! ;-)

  8. You are doing fabulously..ignore the girls.. or just give them the death glare.