Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rd 3 Wk 4, 5 and 6 - Where IS my head at???

I don't even know where to begin with this blog. For starters, I really need to blog more regularly. Then I might have some answers for why my 12WBT behaviour has been so appalling the past week. Downright disgraceful, in fact!

First up the weigh ins:
Wk 2 100.0
Wk 3 100.4
Wk 4 100.7 (WTF??! - was completely devastated. Response: Knuckle down and work harder)
Wk 5: 98.6 (Massive sigh of relief that slowly turned in to a celebration!)
Wk 6: 98.2 (Don't know how this happened.. Not a good week.)

After an amazing Week 4 mini milestone, 12km in 2 hours over the rugged, cliffs of the Kiama coast walk, I was feeling pretty pumped!

But the last week (since Week 5 weigh in) NO EXERCISE. I am so completely disgusted with myself but I seem to have mentally hit a brick wall. My food is okay (not spot on) but my exercise is non-existent. And I honestly don't know when I am going to start up again.

I know I need to diarise it and make it non-negotiable but my whole life seems to be in a whirlpool at the moment and I just don't seem to be able to organise ANYTHING in my life, let alone my exercise.

I am waiting for circumstances to change (I know this is not a good idea). By Saturday I will have less people around me and I can actually sit down and get some head space. At the moment I can't do that and it is really what I need. As you may have worked out from my blog etc - I am a real headspace type of person. Everything comes down to the mind games. I am an over-thinker. And right now, my head needs time out!

I will be back on track this week. I will JFDI something today - even if I have to mind game myself with the 10min rule or "just go for a long walk" mind trick! After all, I have a lot to gain (or lose, depending on how you look at it!) by doing so.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Rd 3 Week 2-3 Mish Messing with My IPOD??!

The last 2 weeks were the school holidays and my family (other half, 10yo daughter and 3yo daughter) spent it on the road.

Started off well and slowly went down hill. By the second week - I had given up on keeping track of food and definitely wasn't exercising... :( So disappointed in myself. But I could easily have had a much worse blow out.

I have definitely lost my mojo by not exercising for a week. I am definitely back to those "Oooh it's too hard" thoughts. Never fear though, I have that JFDI card in the back pocket!!!! Hoorah!!! Boxing tonight -whether I like it or not!!! ;)

So back to the title of this post??!! One of the positives of the past two weeks is that I still did a weeks worth of C25K runs while I was away. I intended to start at Week 2 after doing a test run at home. I got to Adelaide, got up nice and early the next morning, stuck my ipod on and went to start the Week 2 podcast - it wasn't there!!! Only days before I had run it with the very same ipod. Very strange. So I started with Week 3! The only conclusion that I could come to was that Mish had been in there and removed Week 2, knowing what I was truly capable of!! So this week I'm going to hit Week 4...... Eeek!

I am feeling very up and down right now, but I am at home again and definitely have NO excuses for not exercising or eating right, other than pure laziness. So I have a lot of videos, posts and friend's journeys to catch up on, as well as staying true to the course.

Time to concentrate on SMASHING that 100 kilo barrier and getting up to that 5km run. Hope you have all had a great 2 weeks and are not giving up just yet.