Saturday, July 3, 2010

Reality Hits.

Okay. I am not "with the program" at the moment. I literally have too much on my plate and that is just life at the moment. I struggle to organise my own daily life without the addition of a new exercise plan and meal plan. I am incorporating the meals as much as possible and putting away serves in the freezer (definitely making the lasagne again! YUM!).

As for the exercise - I have a new "virtual" exercise partner! We have set a date for this Sunday and we are going to do this together via SKYPE!!-we will exercise our butts off and enjoy doing it. She has made me promise not to laugh at her but I hope we do have a few laughs together - I could do with that.

I don't see that me saying there is too much on my plate right now is an excuse for not following the program completely but it is my reality right now. To do this program requires more time than I have available to me and I can't put things on hold. I have so much to clear out in my life so I am making the changes I can and pushing through.

I will get there in the end.